To Produce film, televison and written fiction of exceptional quality that puts aside overt political leanings to focus on storytelling and entertainment.

   The Hugo Awards for Sci-Fi/Fantasy writing have become an incestuous pool of political infighting where an elite few decide the correct expression of fiction and of fandom.  This has given rise to a core group of opposition dedicated to refocusing on good storytelling and the enjoyment of the fans.  This group - the Sad Puppies ( has held yearly campaigns to promote new and upcoming authors to the fans - bypassing the elites who can magically decide the story of a book is of poor quality based on the gender and/or skin color of the author.  These elites, these Puppy Kickers, have permitted Sci-Fi/Fantasy to be about having the proper message and not necessarily telling a good story.

    This is the introduction new authors face when trying to get into the worlds of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and as the Puppy Kickers control the publishing houses they are the gatekeepers, denying publication to new writers whose viewpoints are different than their own.  Whatever a person's given politics are, the ability to listen to the opposing view is critical.  The Puppy Kickers do not have this ability.

     This is an example of the growing trend in the entertainment industry‚Ķ but the part  of that industry I am interested in (through this proposal)  is television and film.  Time and again scripts are shelved for having the "wrong" political message.  Movies and television shows preach what we all should be thinking/feeling rather than providing good entertainment which allows the viewer to reach their own conclusions.

     A story - any story - through any medium serves to entertain the people who sacrifice their hard-earned money to partake of it.  Like Aesop or Jesus, the storyteller can educate and inform the opinions of their audience by allowing them to travel through the world of the story and learning the lessons of that world.  A storyteller has a gift and obligation to transmit their message by telling a good story.  The message should be the hidden 'gem' the viewer or reader finds at the end of a great story - not the story itself.

     Equal Time Productions seeks to bring back the balance between the message and telling a good story.  By working with authors and scriptwriters of both conservative and liberal leanings, ETP will strive to refocus entertainment on quality storytelling.

     If you are interested in bringing entertainment back to the fans, please e-mail Brendan at: